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Five Symptoms of Low Blood Glucose, Minor- Severe

There are many actions that you need to be aware of if you have juvenile diabetes. Diabetes is a condition in which you have excessive sugar in the blood of yours. There is a dangerous chance of over correction via insulin injection therapy and exercise. Too much insulin, too much exercise, and not sufficient food will be the reasons for low blood glucose.

Top 5 decreased symptoms from the least to the greatest.

These symptoms do not always take place in order, several symptoms you might not get on a routine schedule.

1. Headache

The headache is definitely the least serious of the symptoms. If perhaps you get a headache in an odd time you might want to check your blood glucose levels to make sure it is not a warning sign of low blood glucose.

2. Mood Swing/Irritability

Often if your sugar drops too low you are likely to “snap” on people. It will be smart to make it possible for people that are close to you understand about this symptom. If you snap on people all the time, whether the blood glucose of yours is low or not, it won’t help to inform them that this’s a warning sign that they need to watch for.

3. Numbness

Your lips and face will go numb and feel strange to the touch. You might also feel numbness in the fingers and learn more here –, legs.

4. The Shakes

Your body begins to uncontrollably and you begin to go into a haze. It is a similar feeling to being except there is a feeling of impending doom. You might possibly in addition start to zone out and stare out into the nothingness.

5. Seizure

You start to be unconscious and shake violently. When there is no one around for help, you can die.

When the first indications appear do not take them lightly because at some point you will not have the ability to rationalize properly. In order to counteract these symptoms may take something with sugars in it. (A frequent pop, a piece of candy. etc.) It is possible and likely you are going to overdo the sugar consumption and go from low to high.

A low blood sugar is quite uncomfortable and you want to escape that feeling as rapidly as possible. Keep in mind that it will take a little time ahead of the sugar you consume takes effect.


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