Exploring Canadian Cigarette Brands: A Buyer’s Perspective

Smoking has been an integral part of human history for centuries. While the act has been denounced by several health organizations, the number of smokers remains consistent. In Canada, as of 2019, about 15% of the population identifies as smokers, while 74% of the population is non-smokers. The existence of smokers has led to the development of several cigarette brands in Canada. With the market being flooded with different types of cigarettes, it can be challenging to choose the perfect brand that would satisfy one’s cravings. In this article, we would be exploring Canadian cigarettes brands, looking into their taste, feel, and overall quality to help smokers make better choices.


Marlboro, a brand formerly marketed by Philip Morris, is one of the most popular Canadian brands of cigarettes. The taste is highly distinctive, with a smoky and sweet flavor. The brand is also known for its easy draw, and the smoke is typically smooth, leaving you with a light-headed effect. 


Next is another popular Canadian Cigarette brand that has gained recognition for its mild flavor with a distinctive smell. The brand has a less intense taste, making it perfect for smokers just starting or for those who prefer a subtle taste. The cigarette also burns evenly, providing a steady stream of smoke.

Peter Jackson:

Peter Jackson is a popular cigarette brand that is especially famous for its mellow flavor and smooth smoke. The brand’s filter is similar to that of Next, allowing for smooth airflow and an even burn. The filter also helps to reduce the harshness of the cigarette’s smoke, making it perfect for smokers with a sensitive throat.


Belmont is a cigarette brand that is known for its remarkably high quality. The taste is rich and bold, with a strong, full-bodied flavor that will leave you wanting more. The smoothness of the cigarette makes it perfect for smokers who prefer a bold, yet smooth taste. Belmont is especially famous for its unique packaging that features a flip-top box.

Export A:

Export A is a highly popular brand that has been around in Canada for decades. It has a typical taste that has been consistent over the years, making it a reliable and trusted brand among Canadian smokers. The cigarette’s flavor is both intense and smooth, and it leaves a pleasant aftertaste, making it a top choice for smokers looking for a balance between taste and quality.

Smoking cigarettes has been an age-old tradition that has existed for centuries and has become quite popular in Canada. Not only is smoking a habit, but it’s a lifestyle that people have come to embrace. In Canada, the tobacco industry is thriving, and cigarette brands have been mass-produced and made available all over the country. If you’re a smoker looking for the best Canadian cigarette brand to try out, your options are limitless. This blog post will guide you on the best Canadian cigarette brands to explore from a buyer’s perspective.

Number One Canadian Cigarette Brand– Du Maurier

Du Maurier is the most popular cigarette brand in Canada and has been around for almost a century. The brand has been famous for producing high-quality cigarettes that are unparalleled in their taste, texture, and smoking experience. It has won the hearts of many smokers in Canada who are seeking a premium smoking experience. The Du Maurier brand is available in five different variants and is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a unique smoking experience.

Player’s Cigarette

Player’s cigarettes have been around since the early 1900s and have become quite popular all over Canada. Its iconic brand design, which features a package with a red chevron and a sailor wearing a blue hat, distinguishes them from other cigarette brands. The brand is popular for its balanced blend and mild taste, which appeals to smokers who prefer a lighter smoking experience.

Belmont Cigarettes

Belmont cigarettes were introduced into the Canadian market in the mid-1930s and have been a consistent feature ever since. What separates this brand from the others is its distinct taste. It has an exclusive and unique blend that is not found in any other cigarette brand. Belmont cigarettes are perfect for individuals who love a more intense smoking experience and are considered by some as the smoothest cigarette brand in Canada.

John Player Special Cigarettes

John Player Special cigarettes are unique, and their unique Irish design sets them apart from the rest. This brand is popular for having a richer and more flavoursome taste, with a stronger nicotine kick. Smokers who love a full-bodied cigarette and want an unforgettable smoking experience should explore this cigarette brand.

Matinee Cigarettes

Matinee cigarettes are a perfect choice for smokers who prefer light-cigs. The brand is famous for producing a clean and smooth smoking experience. Its iconic brand design is a clear rectangular box with gold lettering and a red M. Matinee comes in three variants – mild, medium, and extra mild. They are perfect for smokers who are starting out or those who prefer a lighter smoking experience.


In conclusion, choosing the perfect cigarette brand can be a daunting task, especially with the market being flooded with different types of cigarettes. In this article, we have explored five popular Canadian cigarette brands, each with its unique taste, flavor, and overall quality. We hope that this article would help smokers make better choices that would satisfy their cravings and enhance their smoking experience. However, it’s essential to note that smoking is harmful to the smoker’s health, so it’s essential to smoke in moderation and take breaks often.

Canada has a vast array of cigarette brands that are ideal for smokers who love to explore new tastes and experiences. The brands mentioned above have unique blends and tastes that cater to all kinds of smokers and their preferences. All cigarette brands offer a distinct smoking experience, and choosing the one that will suit you best comes down to personal preference. Do your research, experiment, and find the cigarette brand that resonates with you. Happy smoking!


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