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Why Does My Wrist Hurt?

The 20 ligaments that connect your fingers to your arms and the 8 bones of your wrist may be unfamiliar. Even the most experienced pain specialists may struggle to accurately diagnose and treat wrist pain. What is the solution? Let’s talk about it.

Wrist pain can be caused by trauma. The wrist ligaments can become lax, leading to instability of the wrist bones. Over time, this wears away the cartilage and can cause arthritis. Treatment should focus on restoring integrity and strength to the ligaments.

An injury to the wrist can be painfully apparent after many years of going unnoticed. While doing downward dog, it is not uncommon to feel pain in the wrist. On examination, the ligaments were stretched and worsening. Possible arthritic and swelling symptoms could be causing the problem.

The “big surgery” that focuses on wrist problems often involves wrist replacements or fusions.

In a wrist fusion, the wrist bones are stripped of their cartilage. A graft is placed between the two bones, and a metal plate is attached from the wrist to the radial bone in the forearm. The wrist bone and radial bones are fused together. This surgery is permanent and eliminates wrist movement.

Non-surgical treatments are often available for wrist arthritis and instability. We can correct poor movement patterns by injecting your own platelets into your wrist, neck, or ligaments.

We would like to know if someone in your care is experiencing wrist pain. We are committed to helping those with chronic pain regain their lives.

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