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The Cause of Stretch Mark Signs in Women

Stretch marks both plague men and women. However, because of the many life-changing events in the women’s life cycle such as pregnancy and the rapid increase and decrease of weight that accompany it, women are more likely to suffer more from the negative effects of stretch marks than men do.

Cause of Stretch Mark Signs

For both men and women, the main cause of stretch mark signs is the same. A rapid expansion of the body can cause inner skin tissues to overstretch and eventually tear. The torn tissues later become scar tissues that become white or silver in color through time. Women however may be more prone to this skin condition because of one natural cause of stretch mark signs that men do not experience-pregnancy. The rapid expansion of the abdomen in pregnant women may particularly result in **** ragged lines.

Stretch Marks Can Affect Your Life

People are most likely to tell you that no matter how severe your stretch mark condition is, stretch marks are harmless and non-fatal. Still, stretch marks are not only skin-deep. Severe stretch mark conditions can have negative effects on a woman’s social life. And no matter how much others may consider it a great triviality, physical insecurities caused by stretch marks can even go so far as ruin relationships. Online forums and chat rooms are proof enough that although men don’t mind their women with stretch mark signs, they would still prefer women who are blemish and stretch-mark free.

Not All Conditions are the Same

Women may be affected by different causes of stretch marks and may even experience it at varying degrees of condition. Even if women were to have the same cause of stretch mark signs, still, different women are still bound to have darker and heavier scars than others. Factors such as genetics, lifestyle and habits can influence such stretch mark sign conditions. Therefore, what cures the stretch mark of one woman may not necessarily cure another.

Permanent Stretch Marks For Some Women

Some women simply have to suffer from stretch marks for the rest of their lives. The sad thing is, something still could’ve been done. Permanent stretch marks may often be the result of not minding early signs of stretch marks or ignoring the knowledge of a possible cause of stretch mark signs. If you know that you are on the family way or are prone to rapid weight increase, then you should prepare yourself for the possibility of developing stretch marks.

Easier to Prevent Than Heal

Like scars, stretch marks are harder to heal and cure than to prevent and avoid. It is therefore wise to seek prevention and remedies for its early stages as soon as signs of stretch marks are observed. There are many reliable stretch mark products in the market which can help prevent the condition from getting worse.

No Clear Surgical of Medical Solutions

The medical field often view stretch mark as a cosmetic problem. This is the reason why there is hardly any medical treatment for such condition. The only surgical way to get rid of stretch mark on the abdomen area is for the individual to undergo an expensive tummy tuck which is not even technically a procedure to get rid of stretch mark signs. It is safer to go for the natural and inexpensive options to prevent stretch marks.


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