10 Gorgeous Bridal Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Your D-Day

We know how stressful it is for you gorgeous ladies to plan a perfect look for the day of your wedding and even for all the festivities around it. Shopping for the bridal outfit and accessories is a mammoth task in itself, requiring days to complete more often than not! And on top of that, visualizing and choosing the bridal hairstyle and makeup that would fit in and compliment the look is even more baffling. So to bust a fraction of your worries, we are here with 10 gorgeous bridal hairstyles that are perfect for your D-day.

Classic Donut Bun with Gajra

This one is one of the best hairstyles with sarees as it is effortless to achieve, easy to decorate and lets your outfit and makeup shine by keeping it subtle yet fresh and beautiful. It is also quite versatile and goes well with most bridal outfits, the heady scent of mogra flowers being a bonus!

Loose Half-Pack with Curls

This hairstyle would be a no-brainer, charming and gorgeous with minimal effort for our ladies out there with long and luxuriantly coloured or highlighted tresses. You can also accessorize the half pack with a brooch that matches your outfit or dainty baby’s breath flowers.

Embellished Curly Updo

Let’s face it, messy or curly updos are one of the most irresistible hairstyles ever! These are easier to achieve and perfect for curly-haired beauties, and girls with straight hair can also go for this with a little bit of added effort. Adorning this updo with delicate flowers and dainty accessories increases its charisma further.

Front Twist with a Puff and Ponytail

This sleek hairstyle is perfect for girls with straight hair and brides who like minimal fuss. It is quick to create and will subtly direct the limelight towards your beautiful face.

Twisted Bun

We all like messy and elegant buns, do we not? So, imagine this twisted bun with some delicate fresh flowers on the side, paired with a pastel lehenga (presents an exquisite sight, we know!). This hairdo will make you look like one of the most beautiful women in the world.

South-Indian Style Embellished Braid

South-Indian bridal hairstyles ooze pride, richness and legacy. They’re perfect to go with silk sarees and are also give you the added ground area to adorn with gold and flowers!  You can choose to go all out with the embellishment as shown here, or go with lightweight gold accessories spaced out along the length of the braid; the field is yours to play!

Wispy Low Ponytail

A low ponytail can be extraordinarily subtle yet sensual when done right. We would suggest this low ponytail made voluminous with curls, paired with a middle parting and tendril-like flicks framing your face. Add a gajra where the ponytail is tied to complete the seductive look.

Braid and Bun

Buns are our forever favourites to go with bridal trousseau, but who says we need to stick to a plain donut bun only?! Instead, go a little extra with French braids on your scalp with multiple sections of hair, finally tucking up the length of your hair in a bun with fresh flower garlands.

Brooch Tuck with Half-Braids

A playful and effortless hairstyle, this one is as charming as it is elegant. You can play with the colour of the brooch and either match or contrast it with your outfit.

Subtly Decorated Long Braid

Last but not least, we would suggest this loosely tied braid adorned with delicate baby’s breath flowers for that subtle look; because as Jane Austen said, “there is no charm greater equal to tenderness of heart”!

We hope you enjoyed going through our suggestions and would absolutely love it if any of these hairstyles help you solve your big day problems!

Happy Styling! 🙂


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